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Here we share all of the Telegram tricks and tips that will help you know the messenger better and use it more effectively. If you are a Telegram messenger fan, then it’ll help you to become a power user.

How to Add Stickers to Telegram

How can I add stickers to Telegram? It’s easy. Telegram messenger has the ability to add stickers to your account. Later, you can use them to send with your contacts. Stickers are the great invention of this century. You can say, these

How to Create a Telegram Channel

This guide teaches you how to create a Telegram channel on Android, iPhone or Windows and manage it. A channel allows you to broadcast your messages like the WhatsApp. But, unlike the WhatsApp, there is an unlimited possibility for…

How to Join a Telegram Group Chat

Telegram Messenger has made itself one of the best messengers in the present times. At one time, people are crazier about WhatsApp than the Telegram. But due to the exceptional features and higher security of Telegram Messenger, it has