Top 10 Telegram Channel for Movies

If you are looking for movie channels in Telegram to get the download link to the latest released films, then here are the best Telegram channels for movies for you.

If you are reading this article, then you must be searching for a Telegram movie channel link. By doing so, you have really done the best thing in your life. We are always trying our best to provide the best Telegram movie Channels of any category to our viewers.

Enough being said about these, let’s discuss these Telegram movie groups. These are a group of people who shares Telegram movie channel from different sources.

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What is a Telegram Movie Channel?

A Telegram movie channel is a Telegram channel, where people share information related to the latest released films. These channels provide links to stream a wide variety of films. The content varies greatly, ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to Indian films, international cinema, and documentaries.

Telegram Movie Channel

Users subscribe to Telegram channels for movies and web series to receive regular updates directly to their Telegram app. However, it’s important to note that not all content shared is legal or respects copyright laws, so users should proceed with caution and respect the rights of creators.

Best Telegram Channel for Movies 2024

In the below list, we have covered the best movie Channels in Telegram, like English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu movies, etc. Telegram Channels are the new way to promote movies. They offer a cost-effective, targeted, and interactive marketing tool for movie marketers.

This platform allows marketers to create channels on Telegram and promote their movies through these channels by sharing content with their audience. Please check out these best Telegram channels for movies and share your experience.

1. Movie Series

Movie Series is one of the popular movie channels on Telegram for the latest Hollywood, Bollywood, and regional movies. With over 10k members, it is a great platform for movie lovers to get links to new movie releases in HD quality. You can find movies of all genres like action, comedy, thriller, etc.

The best part is that Movie Series only shares links from third-party sources. It does not host any copyrighted content on its own. There is an active community where you can participate in discussions and get recommendations for movies. The moderators regularly post new links as soon as a new movie is released.

2. MovieARRAY

MovieARRAY is a great Telegram channel for Web Series and movie buffs looking for the latest English, Hindi, and regional language films. You can find links to get new movies in HD quality with subtitles. The collection includes the latest Hollywood blockbusters, Bollywood masala flicks, Tamil action movies, and more.

MovieARRAY Telegram Movie Group Link provides all relevant information like IMDB ratings, cast, director, genre, release year, etc. You can easily decide if you want to watch that movie. There are no broken links or clickbaits.

3. New Tamil Movies HD

New Tamil Movies HD is the go-to best Telegram movie channel link for all fans of Tamil cinema. You can find links to the latest Tamil movies, both old and new, in HD quality. The collection includes classic Kollywood hits, recent blockbusters, indie films, and Tamil dubbed versions of English movies.

In addition to movies, the channel also shares Tamil music albums, viral videos, celebrity gossip, and movie reviews. The moderators promptly upload new links as soon as a Tamil movie becomes available on the internet. This makes it one of the fastest channels for accessing new Tamil movies online.

4. Horror Movie Zone

Horror Movie Zone is the perfect web series channel on Telegram for horror movie aficionados. If you love the adrenaline rush of scary, thrilling cinema, this channel is for you. You can find links to watch the latest Hollywood horror flicks in HD quality. The collection includes all genres like paranormal, slashers, zombies, psychological thrillers, etc.

Along with English movies, you can also get Hindi dubbed versions of popular horror franchises like Conjuring, Insidious, The Ring, etc. Some classic horror movies are also available. Before watching any movie, you can check the trailer, IMDB rating, and other details provided. If you’re a horror fan looking for a steady stream of scary movies, Horror Movie Zone delivers the fright.

5. Netflix Movies India

Netflix Movies India is a 4K movie Telegram channel that offers links to the latest Indian movies released on Netflix. If you have a Netflix subscription, this is a great channel to get recommendations for the best Indian movies across languages that you can watch on Netflix.

From new Bollywood movies to regional cinema in Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, etc. There are also links to curated lists like all-time Indian hits on Netflix, recently added movies, etc. With a huge catalog of Indian movies, Netflix Movies India is a must-follow channel for movie lovers.

6. Movie Hub

Movie Hub is the best Telegram channel for movies with links to save the latest Hollywood, Bollywood, and South Indian movies in HD quality. It has a great collection of new Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam movies. You can find movies of different genres and languages in one place.

The channel shares direct links from file-hosting sites. There are no annoying ads or clickbait. Movie Hub also takes requests from users for specific movies. With a library of over 5k movies across languages and regular updates for new releases, Movie Hub is a top movie channel on Telegram.

7. Anime Movies

Anime Movies is a dedicated Telegram channel for the latest anime films in HD quality. You can find movies based on popular anime series as well as standalone anime movies of different genres – action, romance, horror, etc.

This channel helps you to learn about the movie before deciding to watch it. Anime Movies also shares anime OSTs, Japanese drama CDs, and manga chapters. With new movie updates, special feeds, and an engaged community, it is a must-join channel for anime lovers.


Marvel Movies is a popular Telegram movie channel for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As a Marvel fan, you can get HD links to new MCU movies as soon as they are released in theatres.

The channel also has an impressive catalog of older MCU films like Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, etc. The moderators ensure every shared link has good audio/video quality. If you love superhero action, the Marvel Movies channel is your one-stop destination to build your Marvel collection.

These are the working Telegram Movie Channel links to watch your favorite movies. We update the list regularly with working links. That’s why you should bookmark this Telegram movies app page for future updates.

Telegram Movie Channel NameJoining Link
Movie SeriesJoin Now
Marvel Movies Telegram ChannelJoin Now
Netflix Movies IndiaJoin Now
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Telegram Best Movie ChannelJoin Now
Movie Telegram ChannelJoin Now
🔥❤️Movie Series DB🍿❤️Join Now
Hollywood_netflix_movies_hdJoin Now
🎬Netflix Bollywood MoviesJoin Now
Bollywood Hollywood TollywoodJoin Now
🎥Marathi Cinema Hub Pro🎥Join Now
Malayalam Dubbed Movies🔥Join Now
Anime SeriesJoin Now
AnimeJoin Now
☠️⚠️Horror Movie Zone: Don’t enter ⚠️🎬Join Now

How to Watch a Movie from Telegram?

Check out the above channels to watch movies from Telegram.

Which is the best Telegram Movie Channel?

Movie Series is the best Telegram movie channel.

How to Watch Telegram Movies on iPhone?

Due to security reasons, iOS doesn’t allow you to export files to your internet memory. If you download any video file then you have to watch it within the app. Once you save a movie, tap on the play button to watch that movie on your iPhone or iPad.


Here we have tried our best to share the best Telegram movie channel link 2024.

If you think that we have not listed some other web series and movie Telegram channels that deserve to be listed here, then please submit your Telegram Channels in the comment section, and upon reviewing them, we will place them on the list if they deserve to be there.

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