Telegram Groups are the best place to get together with your friends and colleagues. If are you looking for the best Telegram group link to join, then I must say that you are in the right place. We have added 1000+ Telegram groups search for our users. Well, it would be too biased to speak about “the best groups”, yet here you are – one can say the list of the most popular Telegram groups chat.

Before directly going towards the Telegram chatting group 2024, I want to share with you some basic stuff that I think many of you may be accustomed to but many are new to it also, so please skip it if you already know about it or if interested please go through it, who knows you can gain something from it also.

There was a time when SMS ruled our messaging service. The users need to recharge their phones with a Message Pack. Now the entire scene has changed and Messaging or Chats have been replaced by Instant Messaging Service like WhatsApp and Telegram.

Because of Telegram’s advantages, they have dominated the Messaging Service. While in traditional messaging one can only send messages to a limited receiver now the limited thing has risen too much more. The Telegram group link has made it more popular among its competitors.

After all, the app’s increasing popularity is also due to its unique features like Telegram Group chats and Telegram Super Groups. But here also there is an issue related to choosing the right Telegram Group Link to join.

As the number of Telegram Groups Links list is increasing day by day, choosing the right group for yourself is a difficult task. So here our website comes into the picture. As we have associated with it since its inception, so we are connected with such an amazing Telegram Chat Group and channel. So based on our research and self-use, we have created a list of the best Telegram group links based on their categories.

These Telegram groups search will make it easier for the users to choose the right chatting group Telegram link for themselves based on the category they choose. Here they don’t have to spend their precious time searching the internet for the best groups.


You may find many websites and blogs who have listed the names of some Telegram groups chat and channels without their relevance. It is mainly done due to their promotion. But it really creates a bad experience for the users as they feel cheated from such Telegram Group link. Also, they have to lose their precious time in such unwanted groups who provide no value at all.

What is Telegram Groups Chat?

Like any other Group, Telegram groups are an amazing tool for building communities. Where the members of the group can communicate with each other. Like, Family groups can share photos, videos, GIFs, and documents and communicate with each other.

The Company’s official groups can discuss their plans, business, and other necessary things with their team members and boards to coordinate their work. The best thing you can build any amount of groups that support up to 100,000 members.

Nowadays the Telegram Channels and groups are the best places to get information and knowledge on particular topics than the Facebook pages, Instagram pages or even the Internet. Because here we get the researched information in an abridged form. So you don’t have to spend your time researching them.

Telegram Groups to Join

There is no official way for Telegram groups search. That’s why we prepared this list. Our website has been associated with Telegram messenger since its beginning. This is the end of your Telegram group search. We the team members of TelegramGuide are Telegram Geeks.

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We are very much proud to be represented by such a title. I think there are many reasons behind it such as our dedication to providing the best, providing value through our content, giving importance to users or visitors before anybody or anything, Quality over Quantity, and always being willing to improve.

If you happened to be reading this then I must say that you will never be disappointed by visiting the website or spending your time here. Lastly, I must say that Welcome to the Quora of Telegram (Telegram Guide).

You must have come across these Telegram group invite links shared with you by your friends or relatives. Seeing the content in the groups now you must be thinking of joining some of the best Telegram Groups bots.

To help you in this regard, we have made a list of the best Telegram Channels. Based on your choice of interest feel free to join them and enjoy the groups. There and many happening and interesting Telegram links waiting for you to be joined. Just go down and have a good look.

Types of Telegram Groups

The best telegram group links are mainly divided into two types based on the number of members:

  • Basic Group
  • Supergroup

Basic groups are those groups where the maximum number of members it can contain is 200. It is very much ideal for small teams, and family groups as here they can easily share stuff with friends, family, or with their team members. Telegram group searches are also possible. Also there are many features that make communicating in classes easy no matter their size or purpose.

Supergroups are those groups where the maximum number of members it can have is 100,000. Through its member size, you can easily guess that it is meant only for very large communities.

Supergroups are designed and optimized to sponsor a large social network and will load quickly, even if you’ve overlooked many messages while away. In addition, they offer more high-level admin tools to the admins along with others.

However, if you’re interested in doing something massively popular, then instead of Group I suggest one to look at building a Channel. Collars would be the ideal tool for broadcasting public messages to large audiences, and the best part is they could have an unlimited number of subscribers.

Features of a Telegram Group

There are many features the Telegram Groups have, therefore I have categorized the features so that you can better know about them.


To reply to a particular text in a group message, just swipe left on it, type a message and tap on ‘Send’. Through this, you can easily respond to any specific message. Once you reply then the person will get your message as a notification.


If you’d like a lot of individuals in a group message to get engaged in the discussion, you might point out them in a note. They will be informed of your message. Whenever you have a new mention in a group chat, you may immediately attain it by hitting on the new ‘@‘ key when inside the conversation. This button will evaporate when you’ve read all the related information.

Pinned Messages

If the Supergroup admins want to inform every member of a group about an important update then they can get it done using messages that are pinned. Once the message has been pinned then will be displayed on top of the conversation screen. Once doing that all members may find a telling about the message.

Different Rules in Telegram Groups

If you have a community, then there should be some powers and rules, right? Like that, Telegram groups have few privileges to manage it efficiently. There are three kinds of powers in the group; Creator, Admins, and Members. Let’s know the capabilities of these powers.

First comes the Creator. This is someone who creates the group, makes admins, and adds members to it. The creator has the privilege to make members of the group admin. Group admins are those who have the right to manage the member and their activities.

As a creator, you can assign different powers to the admins; like Change group info, delete messages, ban users, invite users via the link, pin messages, add new members, and add new admins. You can grant or revoke these powers from the group’s setting menu.

Lastly, the members. These are the users who only can see and post messages in the group. The creator and the admins have full privileges to block members and delete their messages.

With the new Telegram update, the admins can partially ban members in a group. That means, the admins can set the permission to individual users to read and send a message, send media, and embedded links and be banned until a period. Isn’t it cool?

How to Create a Telegram Group Link?

Do you want to know How to create Telegram group invite link? This is one of the cool features to add more members to your group. You can create joining links, that can be used to join your private or public groups. Let’s check it out how.

Following the below-mentioned instructions, a user can create a Telegram group invite link :

1. First of all, open Telegram and tap on the group’s icon.

2. A new window will open with add member options, tap on that.

3. There is an option “Invite to Group via Link” tap on that.

4. You’ll get a shareable Telegram join group link, just tap on the Copy Link option.

5. Share that link with your friends to add more members.

How to Join a Telegram Group?

1. We have already shared a lot of Telegram group links.

2. Choose one of the categories of your choice.

3. In every category, you’ll get a lot of links from different groups.

3. Just click on that. It will direct you to a new window and ask you to choose the app.

4. After that, tap on Telegram and then the JOIN GROUP option.

5. That’s it. You are now a member of that group.

How to Create a Telegram Group

Hey there if you are interested in creating a Telegram group of your own and want to share useful content with others that provides them with value then you need to follow the steps that I have provided below.

Telegram group link is available for almost all platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc. So here you can get the full steps on how you can create Telegram Groups on any platform you use.

Android Phone

To create a group on an Android phone first, you have to click on the Telegram app on your phone and then click on the circular icon that contains a pencil and is situated in the bottom right corner. Then go to a new group and create your favorite group here.

Otherwise, you can use the menu icon present in the top left corner and by clicking on that you can see the option” new group”. Click here and create your group easily.

iOS & iPhone

To create a new Telegram group on your iOS device first, you have to go to chats and then click on the icon which is presented in the top right corner of your phone. By doing this you are now able to start a new message. Then go to the new group and create a group.

Windows Phone

To create a new Telegram group on your Windows phone click on the Telegram app on your Windows phone and scroll the page down. In the bottom bar, you can see a “+” button. Now you have to click on that button and then click on “new group” to create a group.

By using these steps, hope you can create a new Telegram group. Now add members to your group and start a group chat. In the group, you can share your content, and thoughts, promote your business, make an advertisement, share pieces of information, etc. Creating and using a Telegram group is very simple, easy, and useful for a user, isn’t it?

Advantages of Joining through Group Links

The Telegram Groups search is categorized based on their niches. So joining these you can get the information related to your interested niches only.

Here I have mentioned below the advantages of joining the Telegram Groups chat :

  • Sharing your knowledge and ideas with others.
  • Also, gain a lot of knowledge shared by many members.
  • Don’t contain any ads so you get only the contents and nothing else.
  • You don’t have to waste your precious time and you get the information related to a particular niche only.
  • Again it’s useful for advertising.
  • Business promoting.
  • Get to know a lot of people by interacting with them.
  • Useful for small companies, where they can discuss their ideas and plans.
  • Also, big companies can get opinions about their products.
  • For fun purposes (add Telegram stickers to use within the group)


Here are a few questions people ask about Telegram groups.

How many Telegram Groups can I join?

You can join as many as Telegram groups possible. There is no restriction in joining a group. We have already listed a lot of categories or you can search a public group by its username in Telegram messenger.

Can Others See My Telegram Groups?

No, no one can see the groups or channels you have joined.

How to find the most active members of a Telegram group?

There is no such way to find the most active member, but if you are using the group regularly, then you must know the person who is posting regularly on that group.

Are Telegram Groups Safe?

Yes. All activities in a Telegram group are safe. But, remember that a public group can be accessed by any person. So, anyone can see your chat. Better, prefer private groups for conversation.

Through this post, I have tried to share lots of best Telegram groups to join which I have collected for all the different kinds of categories. If you also want to contribute then feel free to comment on the Telegram groups list below and upon review, it will be placed on the list.

All groups are public and are not related to us. Our Team has researched the Internet to collect the list of best Telegram Groups in their particular niche. Neither we promote or force you to join them. Join groups at your own risk. we are not responsible for anything that happens in these groups.