30+ Quick Deals Telegram Channel in India (April 2024)

Did you know smart Indian shoppers save thousands of rupees a year by joining the Quick Deals Telegram channel in India? It sounds too favorable to be true, but deal-hunting communities powered by platforms like Telegram are transforming how we shop online.

Quick Deals Telegram Channel

If you love scoring big discounts on the brands you love but hate looking for sales, the Quick Deals Telegram channels might be your new favorite. These deals channels act like dedicated bargain hunters, scouring the web for the best loot deals and price drops. In this article, you’ll get a working list of these channels.

Best Quick Deals Telegram Channel Free 2024

Get ready to learn about the types of deals you can find, and how to join the right quick deals channels. This isn’t just about saving money; it’s about shopping smarter.

Quick Deals Channel NameMembersJoining Link
No Big Deals42896Join Now
QUICK DEALS2458270Join Now
CoolzTricks196030Join Now
DesiDime71204Join Now
Quick Deals & Coupons96098Join Now
Offer Box Official788784Join Now
TheLootDeals2449Join Now
Deals Point857564Join Now

1. No Big Deals

This channel isn’t about flash sales or mega-discounts; it’s about consistent savings. No Big Deals shares a few significant deals and price drops you’d likely miss while browsing alone.

You can save a few hundred rupees on gadgets and everyday household items. It’s ideal for smart shoppers.


The name says it all! QUICK DEALS is where you find those who don’t miss their offers. Lightning-fast price drops, hidden coupons, and limited-time sales across various categories dominate this channel.

It’s perfect for the shopper who enjoys the thrill of the search.

3. CoolzTricks

CoolzTricks is more than just deals; it’s a guide to smart online shopping. Alongside incredible discounts, they share tips for maximizing cashback, loyalty rewards, and even freebies from major e-commerce sites. If you’re looking for a savvy shopper, look no further.

4. DesiDime

One of the oldest and most reputable deal communities in India, DesiDime’s Telegram channel is a well-oiled machine.

A broad range of offers categorized with a strong focus on electronics and gadgets. Perfect for tech-savvy shoppers.

5. Quick Deals & Coupons

If variety is your thing, Quick Deals & Coupons has you covered. From fashion to home appliances, and groceries to travel, this channel is a true mixed bag of offers.

A great choice for shoppers with diverse interests.

6. Offer Box Official

Offer Box Official focuses on quality over quantity. Their curated selection of deals highlights only the most recent price drops and discounts. Ideal for shoppers who want to save time and avoid sifting through endless offers.

7. TheLootDeals

True to its name, TheLootDeals specializes in jaw-dropping discounts that seem too unbelievable to be true.

Think of products at 80%+ off or “loot” deals where items are practically free. Beware, stock runs out fast on this channel!

8. Deals Point

Deals Point is an excellent place to find offers beyond the major e-commerce sites. They often feature deals from smaller brands, unique products, and niche stores you might not discover on your own. Perfect for the adventurous shopper looking for something different.

How do Telegram channel admins get to know about price drop quick deals?

Telegram channel admins stay updated with price drop quick deals by subscribing to various online shopping websites and platforms, and they share these deals, offers, and discounts with their channel subscribers.


The Quick Deals Telegram channel in India is constantly evolving, and new users join regularly.

If you’re ready to supercharge your online shopping and never pay full price again, explore these deals channels – and keep an eye out for new communities too! Remember, always compare prices and verify deals before hitting that “buy” button.

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