12+ Kannada Telegram Group Link for Chatting (May 2024)

The Kannada Telegram Group link is trending online. Because, Recently, there have been protests in Karnataka over the requirement to use Kannada in shops 60 percent of the time. However, the government says people should learn the Kannada language. Shopkeepers say the rule is causing them a lot of trouble.

Kannada Telegram Group

In such a situation, people are looking for a group where they can get help learning the Kannada language. They also want to get news about Kannada and new friends. A Telegram Kannada group can prove a better option for them in such a situation.

Kannada Telegram Group Link

To meet new people, and learn about Karnataka or Bangaluru, here are the best Telegram groups to check.

Kannada Group NameMembersJoining Link
DD Chandana7507Join Now
Karnataka SAHAYA15331Join Now
Kannada Chatting Group4859Join Now
Telugu Girls1350Join Now
Bangalore Chatroom4971Join Now
Karnataka Chatting649Join Now
Karnataka Friendly Chat348Join Now

Best Kannada Telegram Groups 2024

People who want to learn the Kannada language or anyone who wants to get Karnataka news or watch Kannada movies don’t have to worry anymore. Here are the 5 best Karnataka Telegram groups for all those people, so they can benefit from them.

1. PW Kannada

The purpose of this Karnataka group is to help students learn the Kannada language by providing study material, mock tests, and practice questions.

2. Kannada Chitragalu

The Kannada Chitragalu Group provides music and movies in the Kannada language. This group provides the newest Kannada songs and movies.

3. Kannada Vartha

The Kannada Vartha Telegram group provides Kannada news videos and Kannada news related to current events so that people can easily get news sitting at home or anywhere else.

4. Kannada Comedy

Those who enjoy Kannada comedy may find the Kannada Comedy Group a good place to enjoy the latest comedy videos, memes, etc. in this group.

5. Kannada Sahitya

Many people enjoy reading Kannada stories and poems. In such a scenario, the Kannada Sahitya Telegram group is a good medium for them, through which they can read Kannada stories sitting at home or from anywhere.

What is a Kannada Telegram Group?

A Kannada Telegram Group is a community on the Telegram platform where users can share and discuss content in the Kannada language.

How can I join a Kannada Telegram Group?

You can join a Kannada Telegram Group by clicking on the above links.


In today’s time, if you want to read news, listen to stories, watch movies or watch movies while sitting at home, Kannada Telegram groups are emerging as a great medium.

Through these Karnataka groups, you can easily get Kannada movies, Kannada news, Kannada stories, and so on. However, if you have any other questions about this article, please do not hesitate to comment below.

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