18+ Best Anime Telegram Channel and Group Link (June 2024)

Anime fans may be looking for an Anime Telegram Channel to get the latest news, releases, and discussions about their favorite shows and characters. Telegram, an app that lets you join groups and channels on different topics, is one of the best platforms for doing that.

We’re gonna show you some of the best anime Telegram channels that you can join to watch anime series, chat with other anime fans, and discover new stuff. If you’re looking for the best Telegram anime channel that focuses on a particular genre, a Telegram group for recommendations, or for anime movies!

What is an Anime Telegram Group?

Anime Telegram group shares anime content with its subscribers. It’s a Japanese animation genre that covers a lot of genres, styles, and themes. You can download anime series, movies, wallpapers, stickers, GIFs, and more with Telegram Anime Channels.

Anime Telegram Channel

The anime movies Telegram channel is a great way for anime fans to watch their favorite shows or movies on their phones or computers. You should check out the movie Telegram channel for more stuff like this.

Best Anime Telegram Channel 2024

If you are here for the best anime Telegram channel link, for the Anime library, then you are landed in the right place. You should join the Telegram Anime download channel for web series, movies, and much more.

1. Anime Library

This anime Telegram channel in Hindi serves as a hub for the creator’s various anime-themed channels. Anime Library features ongoing anime series, movies, wallpapers, stickers, GIFs, and cartoons, plus a slew of other content.

With over 544,000 subscribers, the channel regularly offers fresh updates to keep the anime spirit alive. It also facilitates a group chat.

2. Anime Special

If you are looking for an English dubbed anime Telegram channel, then Anime Special distributes superior-quality anime episodes and films.

It caters to a diverse array of genres like action, comedy, romance, horror, and beyond. Garnering an active subscriber base of over 35,000, it maintains a steady flow of daily posts, satiating viewers’ appetite for anime.

3. Netflix Anime Web Series

This Hindi dubbed anime Telegram channel is exclusively devoted to providing anime web series found on the streaming giant, Netflix. It spans various well-liked titles, such as Castlevania, The Seven Deadly Sins, Death Note, Naruto, and several others.

Garnering a loyal following of over 18,000 subscribers, the channel ensures frequent updates, keeping the anime series enthusiasts hooked.

4. Gold Anime

Another excellent source of English Sub anime Telegram channel is Gold Anime. It boasts a wide range of anime series and films spanning genres like adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, and more.

It has a dedicated community of more than 16,000 subscribers, making it a reliable source of regular anime posts that feeds the anime fervor of the community.

5. Anime World

With its unique list of best Telegram channels for Anime download, it ensures you get a rich anime experience with anime in a variety of languages, formats, and genres.

Additionally, it has easy download links for the featured anime content. Although it only posts occasionally, it has over 14,000 subscribers.

Anime Channel NameJoining Link
Anime DiscussionClick Here
Naruto Hindi DubbedClick Here
Anime WarsClick Here
Anime LibraryClick Here
Anime WorldClick Here
Anime Chat EnglishClick Here
Anime NewsClick Here

What kind of content will be found on the Anime Telegram Channel?

The Anime Telegram Channel will feature a wide variety of content related to anime, including news, reviews, fan art, and more.

How often is new content posted to the Telegram Anime Channel?

New content is posted to the Anime Telegram Channel daily.

Can I join the Anime Telegram group if I am not an anime fan?

Absolutely! The Anime Telegram Channel is open to everyone regardless of their level of anime fandom.


Hope you find the right Anime Telegram channel for you. In addition to television and streaming platforms, anime can also be found on Telegram channels. These platforms offer a variety of anime genres, from action to romance to adventure.

An anime download Telegram channel shares different stuff, like English-dubbed episodes, movies, and Netflix series. Whether you’re looking for regular updates on ongoing series, high-quality wallpapers, and stickers, or insightful anime discussions, there’s a Telegram channel for you. Take a dip into these anime reservoirs and you’ll have an awesome anime experience.

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