22+ Marathi Movie Telegram Channel (June 2024)

The Marathi Movie Telegram Channel is a platform for all the latest news about Marathi cinema. We update the Marathi Telegram channel link every day with the latest movie releases and events in Marathi cinema. In India, Marathi movies are the biggest blockbusters and have the biggest fan following, making them the most loved regional language cinema. You can find all the latest info about this industry on the Marathi Telegram group link.

You can get all the news about new movies, songs, and other developments in Marathi cinema on popular daily entertainment. The Marathi Movie Telegram Link is updated every day and at very short intervals. A few of the latest Marathi movies are also reviewed on the channel.

What is the Marathi Movie Telegram Group?

The Marathi movie Telegram group link is a dedicated platform for getting news and updates about Marathi movies. The Telegram channel has many famous TV shows that are popular entertainment in the Indian Television industry.

marathi movie Telegram channel

There are different Marathi movie Telegram channels for all movies, and the Marathi movie Telegram channel is the only one that updates every day, without fail.

You can get the latest Marathi cinema news by checking out the New Marathi Movies Telegram Channel Link. You don’t have to pay for the news updates on the Telegram channel. A Marathi Movie Channel on Telegram also reviews some of the best movies released lately.

Best Marathi Movie Telegram Channel 2024

Here are the five best Marathi Movies on Telegram, where you can get more information about the top Marathi movies.

1. Movie Series

Movie Series is a Telegram channel for Marathi movies. This channel updates you on the latest Marathi cinema news and events. Users can also get reviews for some of the best Marathi movies.

You can get regular updates on new releases in Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, and many other regional languages on this Telegram channel. There’s also news about new movies, songs, and releases in Marathi cinema every day.

2. Marathi HD Movies

One of the most popular Marathi cinema Telegram channels is Marathi HD Movies, which has more than 35K subscribers. It has reviews for some of the best Marathi movies.

3. Marathi Cinemahub

There’s a Marathi movie Telegram channel called Marathi Cinemahub that gives you all the latest news about new Marathi movies, including trailers and songs. You can also watch some of the top charts and hit shows on this channel.

4. Marathi Movies

The Ultimate Marathi Movies is another popular Telegram channel for Marathi movies, which broadcasts all the latest news about Marathi movies and songs. It also has top reviews and ratings for some of the latest Marathi movies. In the channel, users can get updates on movie releases and events.

5. New Marathi Movies HD

De Dhakka 2 Movie is another Telegram channel for all the Marathi Web Series Telegram Link in India. It also has some of the best ratings and reviews and upcoming new releases. It also has reviews for some of the recent hits.

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Movie SeriesJoin Now
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Marathi Movies TMJoin Now
Marathi MoviesJoin Now
New Marathi Movies HDJoin Now

How do I subscribe to the Movie Series Telegram Channel?

To Subscribe to the Movie Series Telegram channel, all you need is a Telegram app on your phone. Once you have Telegram installed, search this channel on the Telegram app and subscribe to it.

Why choose the Marathi Movie Telegram Channel?

The main reason people prefer to get information through the Marathi movie Telegram channel is that it not only has all the most recent news and reviews but also has a good user interface.


The Marathi movie Telegram channel is one of the best ways to stay connected to all the latest information about Marathi movies and some of the best reviews for upcoming movies. It is updated daily, so the users are constantly updated.

The Marathi movie Telegram group link is an excellent means of getting information about your favourite stars and movies in the Marathi cinema in a single place. It also has the advantage of being free of cost, which makes it even more popular.

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