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Shiddat full movie download Telegram link is trending on the Internet. Every Bollywood movie looks great with an awesome cast. But Shiddat is here to take it to the next level.

When the trailer of this movie came out last year, it was an instant hit. The plot of this film revolves around a relationship between a mother and her son, played by Radhika Madan and Sunny Kaushal respectively. The film also stars Mohit Raina and Diana Penty who play the parents of the woman in the story.

The trailer gives us a sneak peek into how Shiddat will turn out to be – one of the most compellingly beautiful films in recent times!

Shiddat Full Movie HD Download Telegram – Trailer

Shiddat Movie is a Bollywood film that tells the story of a woman that goes through the journey of finding herself after she has been abandoned by her lover.

The story revolves around Sonia, who has just won an Indian singing competition when she meets Sanjay. They fall in love and plan to marry, but when he leaves to work in another country, he never returns. After years pass, Sonia finally decides it’s time to move on and starts dating again.

Meanwhile, Sanjay returns with the intention of getting married; however, his family rejects Sonia because they don’t approve of their cultural differences.

The film ends with both characters finding themselves and each other once again.

Shiddat Telegram Link – Story

A young man with incredible determination changes the direction of his life to pursue the girl who he believes is his true love. However, his journey, which spans across the globe, is rife with challenges, reality checks, and a seemingly unrelated obsession. Is he going to find love or end up dying in the search for love?

If ace hockey star Jaggi (Sunny Kaushal) is spotted by the swimmer Kritika (Radhika Madan) Love blossoms not from her side only from his. After running after her for a while, he sees her give her consent to his unjustified demands. However, he is misinterpreting her reluctant acceptance of his outrageous actions: she isn’t convinced of his unending love for him even though, at one point she, too, in a flash of passion, engages in a sexual affair with him.

DirecterKunal Deshmukh
ProducerBhushan Kumar
Written ByDheeraj Rattan
EditorA. Sreekar Prasad
StarringSunny Kaushal, Radhika Madan, Mohit Raina, Diana Penty

Shiddat Movie Telegram Link – Review

It appears that the writers Dheeraj Rattan, Pooja Surti, and Shridhar Raghavan, along with Deshmukh, were not sure which direction to take their tale forward. This does not help the viewers to make sense of this tired romantic love story and a worn-out theory of love.

Ever wondered what a movie could have looked like if it ended in the same way as it did when it first began? Shiddat starts with a romantic slant, with a couple who are in love and making vows that will last forever during their wedding ceremony. The film then moves, on a tone, from sentimentality comedy to drama, and physically between Punjab from Punjab to Calais to London and back, with an increase of three years in time.

Is it Legal to Download Shiddat Movie Telegram Link – Review Movie Telegram Link?

No, downloading or watching Shiddat Movie on torrent websites is illegal.

Is it Safe to Watch Shiddat Full Movie Online?

No, watching Shiddat movies from an unauthorized online source is not safe. It’s better to watch on Disney+ Hotstar.

Was Shiddat a Hit Movie?

Yes, Shiddat was a hit movie with 8.1 IMDB ratings.


Downloading/streaming movies from unauthorized sources can put you in huge trouble. We strongly advise you to stay away from piracy sites. There is always an option of legal sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video to watch movies.

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