Ultimate Guide to Increase Telegram Group Members

Do you want to promote your Telegram group? You should follow these proven ways to get free Telegram members to grow your business.

Everyone should follow the ultimate guide to increase Telegram group members. This is very beneficial for your business. There is no doubt that the popularity of Telegram messenger is growing rapidly among businesspeople. It is the best way to extend your business to the next level.

If you are selling some products, then groups are the best place to know more about your services. Like-minded people can help you to give feedback regarding your products and that could be helpful for your growth. If you still haven’t a group for your business, follow the guide to create a Telegram group.

We have already covered the guide to increase Telegram channel members. A channel is incomplete without a group. Are you wondering how?

Benefits of having a Big Telegram Group?

You can share your product details or services on your channel. But, to know how your product is performing, what the users are saying about the product, you must create a group.

In that group, the existing customers can give feedback and the upcoming customers will be able to understand the product.

By increasing group members in Telegram, you can

1. Know the problems with your product or service

2. Will help you to solve the issues

3. The feedback will help you to improve your business

4. Increase sales by manipulating the people

These are the few benefits of having a larger Telegram group. These are only a few points, but there is a countless possibility.

How to Increase Telegram Group Members

Increase Telegram Group Members

People always search for the software to Increase Telegram group members. But, why should you follow our guide? We are already running a few successful groups having thousands of members and the results are awesome.

These groups help us to improve the content of our channels. Well, without further delay let’s come to the guide.

1. Match the Name with Your Channel

The group is the mirror of your channel. If you are creating a group related to your channel, then you should try to match the name.

Suppose, you have a channel having the name “OXYGEN”, then you the possibility of names are, “OXYGEN Community”, “OXYGEN Group”, “OXYGEN Members”, “OXYGEN Discussion”, etc. These are only examples, but you better know what is suitable for you.

If you put another name that doesn’t relate to your channel, then there might be confusion among the users. So, always try following the name of the channel while naming.

2. Match the Username

A username is necessary to locate a public channel. If you have a private one, then there is no issue. When it comes to username, always try to make it shorter that matches the name of your group.

There is no way on Telegram to search for a group. But, if you assign a username, then users can easily get it by searching. To clear the confusion, you should match the channel name with the group name.

3. Link the Group with Your Channel

Earlier, people put the link of their groups in the description of their channels. But, Telegram has come with a suitable option to link your group in a better way.

Now you can link a group with your channel which will be shown at the bottom of that channel. You should follow the link o more regarding the linking.

The users of your channel will see a “DISCUSS” button at the bottom of the channel. If your channel has more active members, then there is a possibility they will follow the button and join there.

4. Write the Rules in Group’s Description

To manage a community efficiently you should have to set a few rules. Without rules, your group will be spammed. That’s why you should write down a few words about your group along with the rules.

You can warn the users, that if they break the rules then you’ll ban them permanently. You can also use emojis to make it more attractive.

5. Make a Few Admins to Manage

The spam rate is zero in a channel because no one can post except you. But, when it comes to group the spamming rate is too high. Users always try to advertise their products and post unnecessary things that don’t relate to your group.

That’s why you need to assign a few active members as the group’s admin. It’ll take a few days to understand the active members who are eligible for admin.

You can also manage what the admins can do in your group.

6. Group Butler Bot is Must

If you don’t trust any people, then you can use the Group Butler bot to manage your group. If you don’t know how to configure the Group Butler bot, then follow the guide.

This bot can manage floods, links, controls the type of media, automatically welcomes new users, and a lot more.

If you configure it in a proper way, then it can manage your group without any spamming. You can say, it is the godfather of group automation.

If you set a few rules and someone breaks it, then the bot will kick or ban the users from the group.

7. Use Quora

Quora is a question-answer site having millions of visitors every month. This is the best filed to grow Telegram Group members automatically.

Here, people ask questions. You just need to answer those questions related to your groups’ niche. After that leave the link of your group at the bottom.

If your answer is more convenient to the users they’ll upvote it and follow the url. In this way, you’ll get thousands of members in your group in autopilot.

This is the recommend method we are following since the group feature has launched and got some awesome results.

8. Can’t Ignore Social Media

Want to promote your Telegram group for free? Obviously, the answer is yes. Then, no one can ignore social media when it comes to free promotion.

First of all, you have to look for Facebook groups related to your niche and join there.

Later on, share the link of the group in those groups. If you have selected the right groups, then the members of those groups will join there.

You can also do paid promotions on big Facebook pages. It’s expensive, but you’ll surely get good results.

9. Cross Promotion

The word “cross-promotion” is so popular among Telegram users.  This is the quick way to grow Telegram groups free. If you know the channels or groups related to your channel, then you are ready for it. If not, then you have to look for it.

Make a list of channels and groups who are equally big as you. Then talk to the admin to for the cross-promotion. In this way, you can gain a few quality members in your group.

Before the promotion doesn’t forget to check the activity of that group. If the group is dead or people are not participating in the conversation, then don’t promote there.

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Final Words

These are the few ways to increase Telegram group members. The list is incomplete. We’ll add more working ways to grow Telegram groups soon.

So, don’t forget to bookmark this page. By applying these tricks, we have more than 50K members in our groups.

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