Telegram 5.10 Released with Silent Messages, Slow Mode and More

The new version of Telegram lets the admins to control how often members message on Telegram Groups and much more.

Telegram, WhatsApp’s most important competition, increasingly active lately, has declared – via a distinctive changelog – the launch of a new launch, 5.10, that attracts lots of new attributes, both concerning interface and functionality, to get an enhanced consumer experience of its consumers.

Starting from version 5.10, Telegram will let the group admins establish a time duration for members. The team members might need to wait until the timer runs out to ship another message from the category. As of now, Telegram offers six-time durations — 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, and 1 hour.

Telegram 5.10 Silent Messages and Slow Mode

Telegram 5.10 Silent Messages and Slow Mode

Now users will have the ability to send messages which are going to be delivered with no sound. As an instance, sending messages if someone’s studying, sleeping, or even attending a meeting, all without disturbing these, the official launch explains. This attribute works for group chats too.

Another brand new feature for admins is custom titles, enabling you to select whatever name you prefer for different admins. If your group includes several admins, you are able to change their title by clicking their name from the group settings and scrolling down to the custom name. A practical application of this feature is setting project functions for a more economically controlled group.


Source Neowin
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