Telegram Update Brings Replace Media, Share vCards, Mark as Unread, 2X Voice Messages, and More

The Telegram has updated its Android and iOS apps to introduce new features and improvements.

The Telegram has recently released update 4.8.3 for iOS and 4.8.10 for Android which has some new and exciting features with it. So let’s discuss about these exciting features in details for your better understanding.

Replace Media and Add Captions

It is really not okay to send an irrelevant or wrong text or pictures on the Telegram. But previously we were able to edit the text but not the media files. Since the last update, we can now edit a media post just as you would a text post and get the option to replace the media, whether an image or a video, with another one. The message will appear as edited, as with text messages.

In order to do so, you need to tap the paperclip button to replace the attached media. Also now you can also add captions to photos or videos that didn’t have one.

Double-Time Playback for Voice and Video Messages

Speaking about the next update you’ll definitely like it if you or your friends enjoy sending long and thoughtful voice notes. As now you can now playback voice notes in 2x speed. This can be useful if you’re listening to a particularly long voice note and aren’t especially patient.

Mark as Read or Unread

Now you can prevent yourself from reading the unwanted messages. As of now, you can mark chats as unread. On iOS, swipe right on a conversation and on Android, press and hold on it to get the option to mark it as unread.

By this, you will be able to highlight the chats that require your future attention.

Share Detailed Contact Info

Many times it happens that we need to share more info about a contact then just one number, which was not possible earlier but with this update you can select what data you want to send when sharing for. For example, several phone numbers or other vCard fields.
Now you can choose what all information is sent inside the vCard.

Preview Chats

Now the Android version also gets the option to preview chats which was previously only available for iOS. Here you can press and hold on the profile picture of the person or the group chat in your chat list and a preview will popup showing you the most recent messages.

On iOS, this functionality was already available through 3D Touch.

Text to Hyperlinks

Another new feature that’s currently exclusive on Android is that you can now mark text and turn it into hyperlinks. This is really an added benefit for the Android users. This will avoid the pitfalls of having a large, clunky URL in the chat stream and the app will generate a preview for the link below the message as usual.

The update is now available for download on the respective stores. And that’s it for today, stay tuned for our next updates!

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