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If you are looking for best Telegram groups for UPSC preparation, then here is the desired list for you. Here we have listed the popular Telegram groups for civil service. Use the group links to participate in a community.

We know, you are searching for Telegram Groups for UPSC. As we all know, the UPSC exam is one of the toughest exams not only in India but also all over the world. Being one of the most difficult exams it has created a level of excellence for itself.

Yeah, you got me true clearing such an exam brings a lot of satisfaction for not only the aspirants but also the people nearby. Due to the level of difficulty, it has created a clear spot for itself among the other competitive exams.

That’s why we have prepared Telegram groups for the IAS list.

UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) name itself speaks volumes of its importance. It is creating a sense of discipline and administration among the people. And actually, it is also. Being India’s central agency, it conducts various exams all over India.

Exams such as Civil Services Exam, IFS, NDA, CDS, SCRA, and many more. Among them, the Civil Service Exam has created a special spot for itself.

It is popularly known as the IAS Exam. It’s actually a whole exam which in itself comprises of 24 services like IFS, IPS, IRS, IAS, IRPS, and many more.

Aspirants all over the country always try their best to study hard and get into these. But on average among lakhs of applicants, only a few are able to crack it.

Due to the high level of difficulty, it’s really hard for any aspirant to crack this exam in a single attempt. So the central government has created some criteria following which aspirants have been given a fixed number of chances to appear for these UPSC exams. And here comes the UPSC Telegram Groups for your rescue.

Yeah, explain you heard it right using the best UPSC Telegram Group one can easily access the sea of knowledge on his/her smartphone or computer system.

These Telegram groups for IAS preparation regularly update their information and also provide useful notes and videos to the aspirants.

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Telegram Funny Groups

Reading and viewing them develops confidence among them. So today our team has tried their best in providing the best Telegram UPSC group link. These links are all working when they are included in the article.

As a hardworking aspirant, you need to go through every link provided and see which one suits you. By this, you will be able to be a member of a UPSC Telegram Group.

What is the UPSC Exam?

The Full Form of UPSC is Union Public Service Commission. It is a governing body that is a part of the Central Government and whose main purpose is to conduct the Public Service Exams.

UPSC conducts many exams, but among them, the most desirable and popular one is the IAS Exam. But officially it is called the Civil Services Examination (CSE).

It is considered one of the most difficult exams all over the country. But if someone dedicatedly studies for the exam and have patience, then he/she can easily crack such an exam.

Many aspirants are those who are clearing such a difficult exam in their first attempt. But for this what they need most is the right approach and the proper execution of the strategy.

Before appearing for such kinds of exams, the aspirants need to understand the basics of the exam, its criteria, the exam patterns, and how he/she can excel in this exam. And for helping them, the UPSC Telegram Groups are the best source of knowledge and inspiration.

As in these groups, there are more such likeminded people who are also trying their best to gain knowledge. And being a part of such an excellent group will build up confidence among them. So let’s know more about it.


Every aspirant needs to understand that the Civil Services Exam is conducted by the UPSC every year in three stages and they are:

  • Stage I: Preliminary Examination
  • Stage II: Main Examination
  • Stage III: Personality Test/Interview Round

And in order to clear the exam, they must first clear each level of the exam. Not just clearing it but they need to score more in these stages to be the final list.

Why is the UPSC Exam so much popular?

Actually, the UPSC Exam is overhyped due to some misconceptions. I cannot say that it is not popular, but I would say that it’s much excited.

The kind of responsibility, Power, and status the job brings with itself has created an aura around itself.

1. Social Conditioning:

It’s an undeniable fact that the majority of we Indian are having “Herd Mentality”. Yeah, it may sound harsh, but it’s true. We are being brought up like that by our parents and by their parents. We have no say over our parent’s decisions.

If we try then everybody will say that we are not respecting them anymore. Like the case of Engineering/Medical after 12th.

Many parents don’t even think of any other streams like there is none because Mr. X’s son or daughter is studying in Y college then our son should also study there.

Other streams have no respect before them, actually before the society. They never ask the opinion of their children. The same is the case with UPSC preparations.

As it creates a kind of respect in society. Also if you opt for something else which you like then you will be termed a fool.

2. The Aura Of IAS/Civil Services:

For a very long time, the Status of IAS/Civil Services is overhyped. The majority of people think that these IAS officers are all in all for that area or district. And Law is not over them.

Whatever the IAS Officers does or plans is final and cannot be questioned because the central government itself has appointed them. People fail to realize that it is just like another job but has some responsibility to work with.

Many social influencers like Kailash Satyarthi or Anand Kumar are often looked down upon. As they are not the so-called IAS officer so whatever unique or impactful work they will do will never be considered a success but rather they will just discard it saying it an ordinary job.

The focus will slowly diminish, and finally, nobody cares for them.

3. Power & Perks:

Yeah, we all know that the IAS jobs have some responsibility for them. They have some power over them. But with power comes responsibility. From the outside one can feel like joining in the civil services one gets so much power that they can do whatever they want to.

The Law is not over them, but it’s not completely true. In the newspaper, you will find many cases where corrupt politicians compel these officers to do wrong things and if they don’t support them, then they have to face the consequences.

These consequences can be transfers to hard stations, beaten up in public by goons or death/murder calls. It’s very normal in today’s time but this type of news never comes into the picture.

Only the power and status are shown multi-folded to all the public, which creates the mirage of such high status and makes everyone to chase those dreams.

Here I want to present before you the complete picture of UPSC, now it’s your choice to choose this hard path and bring glory to your nation or just do some normal job and live a normal life.

Best Telegram Groups for UPSC 2021

Telegram Groups for UPSC

Before going to the link you should check the best Telegram Channels for UPSC preparation.

If you are preparing for civil services and don’t have much money to buy the books, test series or notes then joining the best Telegram groups for UPSC will indeed be a wise decision from your side.

As joining these you will be getting access to newspapers, test series, ebooks, notes, toppers talk and that to all of these are free.

Group Name Joining Link

The study materials provided by these groups are entirely free of cost and also with that, you can clarify your doubts with the group members.

Like they say sharing is caring and here you will clarify some of the member’s doubts and in return, they will do the same for you.

Below in the list, we will be providing a list of top UPSC Telegram Groups. Here you need to choose whatever is best for you in the exam preparation.

Please note that we have done the hard work for you in getting the best list of Telegram groups for IAS so join only those which are providing the best resources.

All the best for your preparation. Hope you will succeed.

Why join these UPSC Telegram Groups?

In this digital age, nobody is waiting for the hard copies to reach them after 2 or 3 days when they have the facility to join the UPSC telegram groups.

These groups are doing a fantastic job of providing useful resources. In these groups, the members can interact with each other and discuss their problems.

Another main reason to join the Telegram group is the aspirants need not to search many different resources on the internet but joining the group can be very useful for them, and it will save a lot of time for them.

How these IAS Telegram Groups helps the Aspirants?

This list of top Telegram groups for UPSC prelims is like a heaven for every civil service aspirants. These groups are like an ocean of contents for them. They have all the premium contents which will create a difference in everyone’s preparation.

These contents are not free if you search them over the internet but thanks to the group’s owners who are making it free for helping those who don’t have the finance to purchase them. And also they are well organized so it will save the aspirants costly time.

What else can you expect from these Telegram group?

Apart from precious and valuable notes, you can get the collection of blogs written by IAS rankers, their detailed analysis of exam strategies, preparation ideas, etc.

Also, you can get the previous years papers, exam patterns, answer keys and everything which can help you understand the IAS exam better.


Now that we have learned about the Best Telegram Groups for UPSC in India. The picture has been clear and many new UPSC aspirants can now join these groups freely.

Without wasting any time they can now dive into the sea of knowledge and can do better preparation for the upcoming UPSC exams.

If you are using Telegram, then you should pay attention to these groups to learn more. If you know any other Best Telegram Groups, then feel free to comment below.

If you need any information or want to add your channel to this list, then feel free to contact me on Telegram.

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