Telegram 5.12: Update Brings Boosts File-sharing and Media Playback

The latest Telegram update 5.12 brings boosts file-sharing and media playback for the users.

Like the previous updates, this time also Telegram has managed to introduce new features in its latest Telegram 5.12.1 Update. We all can agree that Telegram has always been the safest messengers when compared with its competitors. And time and again the developers have been improving the official app by introducing new features in the App in the form of Updates.

As a genuine user its our duty to update our Telegram App from time to time. It really doesn’t matter whether you are an Android User or iOS User. Here in the article, we will be discussing more the new update. Again a detailed overview of the features in this latest Telegram 5.12.1 will definitely be beneficial for the telegram users to make use of them correctly and efficiently.

Telegram 5.12.1 Update Detailed Overview

Telegram latest Update Boosts File-sharing and Media Playback

Let’s dive into the detailed overview of Telegram 5.12.1. According to Telegram, they have added a variety of new features to Telegram and also along with that many drastic improvements are also done in Telegram 5.12.1. Please read it fully and get to know about the updates yourself.

Theme Editor 2.0

You will be getting the new theme editor in Chat Settings or Appearance Settings on iOS. Using the new editor you have the option to make changes in the different elements in Telegram chats. Along with that, you can add awesome gradients to both your messages and your background.

The best thing is you can share your theme with other users also if you want to. And they can also make necessary changes to it if they need to.

New Predefined Colors

In the new update, you will be getting new predefined colour schemes for Telegram’s default themes. Here you can try the new options under Classic, Night, Day and more which are really fun to use.

Send Message When the Recipient is Online

This new message delivery feature can help you to send messages at a very perfect time. Schedule messages can be sent when only the recipient comes online.

The important thing to note here is this option is only available if you are allowed to see your recipient’s online status.

Improved Venue Sharing

Location sharing option has been improvised and it has become easier than ever to find the exact location.

View Search Results as a List

List View in the Search function has been enabled in this update which now allows the user to have a list view of all the results in a single page.

Podcast and Audiobook Support

If you are one of those who used to listen to Podcasts then its really a good news for you guys. As now you latest updated Telegram apps will remember your last position when resuming playback of audio files which are longer than 20 minutes.

New on Android

Let’s see what new Telegram Update has to offer the Android Users.

Switch to Night Mode Faster

Having Night Mode Switch at the top of the menu will really help you to switch to Night Mode really faster than usual.

Sleek New Animations

Many new animations have been added in this update and which can be used in the conversations. Its really very amazing to see Telegram including these animations in order to make the app more interesting to use.

Select Parts of Messages

Now the android users will be able to select a part of the message they want to share rather than copying the whole thing as they used to do before since there was no option at that time. Its better to see things implemented in android which was earlier available in iOS.

Multi-Sharing from Other Apps

Now the users have received the power they had been longing since long i.e the power of multi sharing. I mean to say now its possible to share content from other apps as well.

That’s all for today in this article regarding the latest Telegram 5.12.1 Update. As usual, you must have understood what all changes have been made in the latest Telegram Update. Now enjoy the new updates by updating your telegram app if not done earlier.

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