10+ Best Telegram War Channels (April 2024)

Are you looking for the Telegram war channels? For Russian speakers, Telegram is one of the most popular and best social media apps. In the former Soviet Union, Telegram channels are mostly used for video calls, news broadcasts, and chats. They actually take membership to various channels and then use it unlimited.

After the war began, Telegram was the most downloaded app, according to the New York Times. I’m sure you’ll want to know more about Ukrainian War Telegram Channels. Therefore, you’ll want to read our article until the end. This is because I’m gonna give you all the info you need about War Telegram Channel in today’s article.

What is War Telegram Channel?

Are you familiar with War in Ukraine Telegram Channel? If not, then no worries. In today’s world, there are channels on Telegram where you can get information about wars.

telegram war channels

Telegram is an app like that, and it’s used by most people. Since the beginning of the war, most people have downloaded Telegram.

Best War Telegram Channels 2024

Are you also looking for the Ukraine war Telegram channels list on the internet? I am going to share you the Ukraine war Telegram channels know the latest updates about the wars.

1. Служба безпеки України

If we talk about Служба безпеки України, it is one of the War Telegram Channel. This channel is very famous in today’s time. If we talk about its followers, then its followers have also increased a lot. However, earlier information related to the epidemic was shared on this channel. But now in today’s time, information related to war is being shared continuously on this channel.

2 . Combat Footage

I’m sure you’ve heard about Combat Footage Telegram channel at some point or other. It’s one of the most popular channels for sharing war-related information. This is the best Telegram war videos channel.

3. The New York Times

If talk about The New York Times is a channel that was started during the war time. It covers information and news related to the Ukraine and Russia wars.

4. Discover Ukraine

Discover Ukraine is also one of the most well-known war Telegram channels in today’s time. On this channel also you are provided with every new update related to War. If seen, the subscribers of this channel are in the thousands.

5. UkraineMaps

If we talk about UkraineMaps, then it is a channel that shares all the important information related to the War in Ukraine. In today’s time, it is also one of the most well-known channels. It also has a lot of subscribers.

War Channel Names
Joining Link
Combat FootageJoin Now
Служба безпеки УкраїниJoin Now
The New York TimesJoin Now
The Washington PostJoin Now
Discover UkraineJoin Now
UkraineMapsJoin Now
UkroRus Maymay BaseJoin Now


Hope you have liked this post on today’s Telegram War Channels. In today’s article, I have provided you with information about some of the best war Telegram channels. Also, if you want to ask any questions after reading this post on today’s Ukrainian war Telegram channel, then you can ask by commenting.

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