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Telegram Video Calls – How to Activate?

Video Calling is one of the most useful features which people are looking for. It has become a very essential need to have such a feature in one’s app. Now the question arises “Is Video Calling Feature currently available on Telegram App…

What is a Secret Chat in Telegram?

Do you know what is a Secret Chat in Telegram Messenger? You may be using Telegram Messenger since a long time back but I am sure you may not be knowing all about this amazing feature called Secret Chat which is one of the vital reasons

What are Telegram Stickers?

A sticker is a detailed illustration of a character that represents an emotion or action. A sticker is something like emojis, but more significant in size. But, what are Telegram stickers and how are they different from others? Stickers

What is in Telegram?

The security experts always recommend not to provide the original name and details online especially on social media platforms. So a short username is what every user wants for himself. In Telegram also user can setup a public username

WhatsApp vs Telegram: Which Messenger is Best for You

WhatsApp and Telegram two are the most popular instant messaging apps from which you can easily connect with your friends and they both let you send text, media, images, gifs, locations, PDFs, and many more with ease. But the point is

What are Telegram Bots?

What are Telegram Bots? Before I start explaining to you about these bots, read these statements first. Hello there, How are you doing today? Good Morning Jarvis! These messages you might have heard many times before. It sounds very

How Secure is Telegram? Is it more Secure than WhatsApp?

Do you know how secure is Telegram? This question has always been a frequently asked question on a platform like Quora or Reddit. Telegram users and also non-users are very much concerned about the security of the Telegram app. Compared